We've come a long way since we broke ground in loita in january 2010. 

In order to fully complete our investments in Loita and Esoit, we are in our final phase raising the remaining $250,000 of funding. Both communities share resources, therefore, the build out and investment will be greater in Loita (they will share a secondary school and boarding school which will be located on Loita's property). Once this funding is complete, Loita and Esoit communities will NET over $100K USD per year after all salaries, supplies and overhead are paid out - unheard of for such communities. Loita and Esoit will not only be fully sustainable, but they will have the ability to make new investments and further their community growth. Not just for themselves. For generations upon generations to come. 



Global fashion brand Hanley Mellon’s visit to Loita with Under the Acacia

gives new meaning to the importance of bead work